Mattress Cleaning

Regular mattress cleaning mattresses essential in order to keep them free of dust, mites, dead skin, bacteria and other nasties that can lead to skin allergies and respiratory problems.

Get Clean ACT are the mattress cleaning Professionals who follow a comprehensive and detailed cleaning program to ensure that you get a healthy sleep in a bed that’s really clean.
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Our Best in Class Mattress Cleaning Process

Our professional cleaners follow a comprehensive six step procedure to clean your mattresses thoroughly.

Step 1: utilises Kirby vacuum cleaning technology to clean the mattresses and the entire upholstery surface. The Kirby process delivers 99.99% filtration and ensures all surface material is free from any kind of germs or their waste products.
Step 2: Pressure steam cleaning penetrates deep into the mattress to remove all dust mites and sanitise the entire mattress.
Step 3: Now the mattress is vacuumed a second time remove all the dust, dirt and germs that have been driven to the surface by the deep steam cleaning.
Step 4: We clean and vacuum the surrounding carpet and floor areas to ensure that nothing nasty gets back into the mattress.
Step 5: A dust mite inhibitor sprayed onto the mattresses to prevent re-infection and the mattress is deodorised so that it smells nice and clean.
Step 6:The contaminated waste is sealed and removed from your for safe disposal.

Additional deluxe treatment if required

If our initial inspection reveals that your mattress is badly infested, we will offer you the option of our deluxe mattress treatment in addition to our standard cleaning regime. This is an optional extra and is available at a small extra cost.

Because we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it is very important that we maintain a healthy sleeping environment. Give us a call today for a free quote on a healthy night’s sleep.

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