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School Cleaning Canberra

Get Clean ACT, offer safe and effective cleaning solutions for schools in and around Canberra, and of course, we can work around school hours and after hours and staff meetings or arrange a weekend or school holiday cleaning and maintenance programme. Please call us now on 1300 78 05 04 or 0412 615 211 to discuss your school’s needs.
Our School Cleaning Services

Our school cleaning service in and around Canberra includes cleaning of classrooms, school halls and indoor gyms, toilets, staff rooms and playgrounds. The school cleaning process involves:

  • Disinfection: We utilize hospital strength disinfectants with broad kill spectrum and the least volume usage to create healthier learning environment.
  • Cleaning restrooms: Effective disinfection of counters, fixtures, stall walls and push plates in restrooms using hospital grade cleaner and microfiber cloth. Bathroom sanitising services also include advanced hand hygiene systems.
  • Cleaning hard floors and carpets:Carpets are potential carriers of dust mites, germs, soil and other harmful elements, while hard floors should be sealed as well as cleaned. To ensure their cleanliness, we use multiple cleaning processes.
  • Environment-friendly cleaning: We use environmentally friendly products to protect both children’s health and the environment, colour coded microfiber cloths to prevent contamination of surfaces, and quiet and efficient vacuum pumps to remove excess moisture.
  • Trained and certified staff : Our school cleaning staff are trained in Hazardous Communication Standards, Exposure Control Planning and Compliance and MSDS Compliance for Chemical Handling, among other qualifications. All our professionals also wear uniforms, have prominently displayed ID badges and are policed checked for working with children clearances.


Get Clean ACT cleans all types of educational facilities from kindergarten and childcare facilities to colleges and universities. We are also comprehensive insured and we guarantee customer satisfaction – if you ever have a problem with our Cleaning, we will fix it free of charge.

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