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Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Dirty grout is a hazard to your health.

Luckily, the Get Clean Team has a quick professional tile and grout cleaning solution.

Why is grout so hard to get clean, even if your tiles are spotless?

It’s because it’s porous, which means it traps in dirt, moisture, mildew and mould. And that’s a big problem because tiles and grout are more likely in rooms where you’re actually trying to get rid of dirt with water!

What’s worse is that dirty grout not only looks grubby, it releases mould spores and fumes that emit a bad odour, too.

Read more about why professional tile and grout cleaning is so important here.

Thankfully, the Get Clean team has the ultimate cleaning solution, Canberra.

We’ll seal your grout, locking in the freshness using only eco-friendly low VOC chemicals to make your tiles sparkle and shine. You won’t believe your eyes!

Plus, with safe chemicals that are kinder to the earth, there’s no noxious fumes for you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues to worry about. Perfect!

Call us now for an efficient, affordable and professional tile and grout cleaning service, Canberra!

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