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Tile and grout cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning

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Did you know that, according to the National Restaurant Association, patrons are unlikely to return to a restaurant where the bathroom tiles and grout have not been cleaned properly?

The statement goes a long way in stating how significant tile and grout cleaning is for customers.

Grout is the mixture of sand, cement and water that is used to line the spaces between tiles. It is porous, so it traps dirt, moisture, mildew and mould easily, discolouring and darkening over time.

Clean tiles look beautiful, but the grout around them can spoil the effect if it not cleaned regularly.

Moreover, dirty grout poses a health hazard to people walking on the floor, becoming a source of virulent spores and slowly released gaseous fumes, apart from being an eyesore and a source of constant bad odour as well.

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