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Why Use Curtain Cleaners in Canberra For a Dust Free Zone ?

Curtains are one of the most popular window treatments for lounges and bedrooms. There are many benefits to installing curtains including: privacy, heat insulation, reducing energy costs and, of course, for the aesthetics. Unfortunately, if curtains not kept clean, they can collect dust and cause issues for occupants, so it’s essential to get your curtains cleaned at least twice a year.

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Here are 3 reasons why our professional curtain cleaners in Canberra should be part of your property maintenance:

1. Deep Clean to Remove Dust Build Up

Do you pull back the curtains and set everyone sneezing? If you don’t have your curtains cleaned regularly, at least every six months, they can become big dust and dirt trap. Not only will allergy sufferers be affected by dust allergens and pollutants but rooms will start to take on a stuffy, musty odour.

Luckily you can avoid all this by taking advantage of Get Clean ACT’s expert curtain cleaning services to thoroughly vacuum up this problematic dust quick smart.

2. Avoid Being a Host for Dust Mites

Where there’s dust there are dust mites. Invisible to the eye, these tiny microscopic creatures live in large numbers on household textiles such as: bedding linen, furniture fabric and curtains, and they feed on dead flakes of skin. For people with allergies or asthma sufferers dust mites can cause a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing or watery eyes.

Regular professional curtain cleaning from Get Clean ACT eliminates the presence of dust mite allergens and provides a healthier and hygienic environment for your household.

3. Enjoy Fresh Clean Curtains

With our specialized equipment, Get Clean ACT professional curtain cleaners save you time and energy by cleaning your curtains on-site. You don’t have to worry about taking them down, removing hooks and then reversing the process a few days later. As well as vacuuming, we can either steam clean or dry clean your curtains depending on the type of fabric.

Curtain Cleaning Canberra

With our specialised curtain cleaning technicians no job is too difficult or complex, so sit back, relax and enjoy fresh looking and smelling curtains in no time.

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Stop putting up with dusty curtains, contact our friendly team on 02 6247 1582 or 0412 615 211 or jump online to get a free quote for curtain cleaners in Canberra today!