Flood Damage Restoration

Water Damaged Restoration

Get Clean ACT provides specialist water damage restoration services to commercial establishments and residences across Canberra ACT and Queanbeyan and Yass NSW. We understand that any delay in water damage restoration response can worsen damage to the structure and content of the premises, so, we move into action as soon as we receive an emergency call on 1300 78 05 04 or 0412 615 211.
How We Can Help reverse water damage

Get Clean ACT has a team of water damaged restoration specialists with the necessary training and experience to safely dry and sanitize water damaged premises. Our staff, who
are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), use the latest equipment and technology to remove excess water, minimise damage and restore the premises.

Our specialist services, they cost of which are usually covered by your household insurer, include:

• Emergency water damage restoration: Get Clean ACT offers round-the-
clock (seven days a week) emergency water damage restoration services to contain damages as soon as possible. Our experts will quickly assess the damage. They will also look for potential risks such as structural weaknesses and electrical faults, before beginning damage control.

• Water removal: Our teams utilize state-of-the-art water extraction tools and truck mounted drainage and drying equipment to restore the premises to their pre-damaged condition. In cases of severe flooding, we also manage sewer backflow, decontaminate black water and vacuum away any residual contamination. We also remove water from upholstery, walls and floors .

• Cleaning and deodorizing: Once the water has been removed, our specialists dry surfaces and furniture to prevent the growth of moulds and then dehumidify and deodorise to ensure the premises are fit for re-occupation.

Carpet drying is a complex operation. Once the water has been extracted, the carpet is removed, treated and dried, the moisture level is checked with a meter, and drying equipment is installed to dry the carpet for a fixed time. When dry, the moisture level in the carpet is checked with a meter. This is followed by installing a new underlay and the dried carpet and the carpet is then steam cleaned using special restoration chemicals.

We hope you never have to experience the trauma and inconvenience of a flooded home, but if you do, Get Clean ACT’s professional cleaners will restore your warm, safe and hospitable living space as soon as possible.