Oven Cleaning

Nobody likes cleaning ovens.

Except us. We love it.

It’s just a given – most people hate cleaning their ovens. It’s a dirty, smelly, messy business. So, they don’t do it.

But leaving your oven to build up with baked on food, debris, grease and grime is a bad option. You risk all those nasties seeping into your food when you cook, altering the taste of your food and releasing carbon-based fumes into the atmosphere.

Not cleaning your oven also increases your risk of a potential oil or grease fire.

Solution: Leave the hassle of scrubbing your oven clean to us.

Here’s why we think you should choose us as your go-to professional oven cleaning service:

Get a spotless oven every time with Get Clean ACT, no matter how dirty it started out.

We use the industry’s safest, proven and eco-friendly oven cleaning products and state-of-the-art tools so you and your family’s health is always top of mind.

We take care of all makes, styles and oven finishes by:

  • Removing all food debris, grime, grease and dirt.
  • Cleaning racks, glass and grills, hobs, hoods, dials and buttons
  • Steam cleaning everything to make sure your oven sparkles
  • Oven detailing (attracts extra cost) – cleaning any hidden areas such as behind the liners where built up grease and grime is a potential fire hazard.

Bring your oven back to looking brand new – without the smelly mess.

Contact Canberra’s most professional cleaning service on 02 6247 1582 or 0412 615 211 today.