Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra

Make your carpets look brand new again.

Our professional carpet steam cleaning in Canberra gives your carpets the royal treatment.

Replacing carpet is a huge investment – so it makes sense to look after yours to prolong its life. A regular professional carpet steam cleaning by Canberra ‘s most respected professionals is the best way to keep your carpets looking pristine for longer.

At Get Clean ACT, We’re proud or our reputation as Canberra’s best professional carpet steam cleaning team. We know what it takes to thoroughly deep clean your carpets so they look and smell as good as new.

We can also deliver special deals for:

  • High traffic carpet cleaning
  • Maintenance programmes for clubs, hotels, motels, gyms and pubs
  • Rug cleaning services for smaller, loose laid rugs.

How we deep clean your carpets:

We’ve established our own 6-step Carpet Steam Cleaning for Canberra programme for optimum success every time. It includes:

  1. Using a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner to remove deep seated dust, pet dander dirt and more
  2. Pre-spraying your carpet with detergent to loosen any hidden dirt, stains and marks
  3. Targeting tough stains individually with special, non-toxic cleaning solutions
  4. Deep steam cleaning carpets to loosen and remove stubborn stains and ingrained dirt (this will leave your carpet only slightly damp, so you can walk on it within 6 – 8 hours)
  5. Sanitising and deodorising your carpet for that fresh, just laid smell
  6. If you want, we can also add an optional Scotchguard treatment to minimise future soiling and make it so much easier to clean your carpets next time.

Ask our friendly team for an instant quote on your next professional carpet steam cleaning, Canberra.

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Get Clean ACT also offers high traffic carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, professional carpet steam cleaning service and maintenance programmers for heavy floor traffic areas such as clubs, hotels, motels Gyms and pubs, and a rug cleaning service for smaller, loose laid rugs.

Please discuss your special needs with our professional cleaning team – call 02 6247 1582 or 0412 615 211.