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End of Lease Cleaning

Worried about your bond money getting stuck with your previous landlord? And on top of that you are busy in coordinating with your packers and movers which leaves you with no time to do the cleaning by yourself…

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high pressure cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

Our friendly and helpful team of high pressure cleaning specialists – based in Canberra and ACT – will take a look at your job and talk it through with you openly. Older jointing and softer materials need more care…

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Rug Cleaning

Our fully trained, certified cleaners use all their skills to make sure your rugs get the right treatment – from dry cleaning to steam cleaning and safe, effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, we’ll have them looking fresh and as new in no time…

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our professional carpet steam cleaning in Canberra gives your carpets the royal treatment. Replacing carpet is a huge investment – so it makes sense to look after yours to prolong its life. A regular professional carpet steam cleaning by Canberra…

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Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Who would want to have a house that does not look clean? And when it is because of the dirty tiles and the grout, it is even more annoying. Tiles are put up in any part of the house to make it look more beautiful, but as it starts to turn older…

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Oven Cleaning

It’s just a given – most people hate cleaning their ovens. It’s a dirty, smelly, messy business. So, they don’t do it. But leaving your oven to build up with baked on food, debris, grease and grime is a bad option…

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construction cleaning Canberra

Construction Cleaning

Our fully insured and certified construction cleaning Canberra team knows exactly what to do where and how to make sure your building site is transformed into a spick n’ span usable space again – whether you’re getting ready to sell, rent or move back in…

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window cleaning Canberra

Window Cleaning

If every time you look at your window and it gives you a reminder call to get them cleaned, then it is probably time that you hire a window cleaning service to get the job done. We use the latest solutions, techniques and tools to make…

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Scotchgard Protection

Scotchgard Protection

we think Scotchgard’s a wonderful thing. It protects your beloved upholstery, expensive carpets and rugs from dirt, stains and allergens, and ensures it always looks its best for years longer. Plus, you can stop worrying about accidental spills and soiling forever…

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flood damage restoration

Flood Damaged Restoration

Get Clean ACT provides specialist water damage restoration services to commercial establishments and residences across Canberra ACT and Queanbeyan and Yass NSW. We understand that any delay in water damage restoration response…

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Mattress Cleaning

A healthy sleeping environment starts with your mattress. Over its lifetime, your mattress can get drenched in dust mites, germs and dirt and bacteria. Save your health and your hip pocket with our comprehensive mattress cleaning service…

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office cleaning

Office Cleaning

With professional office cleaning Canberra businesses invest in the well-being of their staff, customers and take pride in their brand message. At Get Clean Act, we deliver valuable solutions to help keep your work spaces in a hygienically clean…

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school cleaning

School Cleaning

We deliver safe, effective, regular cleaning solutions for all schools in Canberra and surrounding areas – from kindergartens to universities and everything in between. Our school cleaning service is comprehensive, but if you want …

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water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

When your home or business has suffered unforeseeable water damage, you want a speedy, no-nonsense solution. Any delay can mean even more damage to your contents or structure. That’s why our Get Clean ACT team…

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upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is one of the most important items in the house which also decides the design scheme. Everyone pays attention to the slightest of the details while buying furniture for their home. It must have the best design, the perfect colour…

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hard floor timber floor

Hard Floors & Timber Floor

Restore your timber floors to their former glory today. Bring your dull, tired timber floors back to life with our professional floor cleaning services. We don’t just clean your timber floors, we seal and refinish them for a glorious shine that…

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Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Beautiful leather furniture is an investment for a lifetime. But too often we see customers ready to throw out their chairs and couches because they’ve been accidentally scratched, ripped, grazed or torn. Our Leather Cleaning specialist…

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curtain cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are one of the most popular window treatments for lounges and bedrooms. There are many benefits to installing curtains including: privacy, heat insulation, reducing energy costs and, of course, for the aesthetics. Unfortunately, if they’re not…

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So, don’t waste any more time wondering whether you can afford high quality cleaning services. Contact us TODAY to get a free estimate and to learn about our discount carpet cleaning services.